“a timeless, organic sound. It feels weather beaten and worn in, like
a great album from the Band.” – Billboard

“The Place I Left Behind exceeds even the highest of expectations and remarkably pays tribute to the sound that defines our country’s musical heritage without sounding dated. the type of record that ignores seasons and trends, for the simpler and much loftier ambition of timelessness.” – Herohill

“A Canadian band whose multipart harmonies are more pristine
than Gram Parsons and the Byrds might‚Äôve dreamed possible.” – Nashville Scene

“The Place I Left Behind is another wholly satisfying album that builds upon past successes and carries the band forward as one of the country’s finest roots acts.” – Exclaim!

“Like The Deep Dark Woods’ fellow countryman Neil Young, the group taps into a species of Americana that sounds more authentic than a dozen contemporary bands garnering
that same label.” – Eugene Weekly

“an evocative record about rambling and lonesomeness, but with fiddles,
harmonies and purring Hammond tones that are homey and hearth-warm.” – The Globe and Mail

“A masterpiece of sombre beauty and eternal heartbreak” – Sun Media

“Elegiac, earthy and relaxed, The Place I Left Behind is lofty in its ambitions, simple in its execution and, in the best sense of the word, timeless.” – Arkansas Democratic Gazette

“There aren’t enough good things to say about The Deep Dark Woods. Their
music evokes feelings of long, friendless winter nights and small, dimly-lit bars filled with weathered-looking people who are more than familiar with the achy loneliness of heartbreak. The Deep Dark Woods are hauntingly
genuine” – BeatRoute

“They sing about authentic, modern concerns and experiences with emotional complexity‚ĶIt makes for music with a shelf life.” – Eugene Register Guard

“a gorgeous exercise in pure unadulterated melancholy. It’s all executed
with heart, soul and a sniper’s precision.” – Winnipeg Free Press

“gloriously gloomy Americana” – Seattle PI

“With diverse instruments like the mellotron and banjo, and songs that run
the gamut from waltzing ballad to gritty rock number, this alt-country band
seems to effortlessly push the boundaries of roots and folk music.” – The National Post

“an emotionally rich gem of a record” – nxew

“With gorgeous harmonies, understated virtuosity and songs that sound both
haunted and timeless, Deep Dark Woods have a strong feel for building
subtlety shaded epics out of simple melodies and themes.” – The Calgary Herald

“The Deep Dark Woods set up camp, light a fire big enough to warm the heart
and keep the demons at bay, and get down to the job of telling stories of
loss, alienation, love and longing right from the opening moments” – Quick Before It Melts

“[The] Deep Dark Woods work the material, storytelling aspects of the tradition. Storytelling needs a narrator, preferably a reliable, sympathetic one that’s easy on the ears, but it also needs a strong voice capable of venting horror, frustration, sadness, anger, outrage. And god knows we’ve got enough to be outraged about these days.” – Pitchfork